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[ sous-titre ] Mobility of engineer students


[ puce ]In 3 rd year, in a foreign university for one or two semesters.

[ puce ]The basic knowledge of the engineer curriculum is then already acquired ; the choice of subject is thus relatively free. The students are often recommended to opt for specialities that are less taught at the ENSIACET (environment, biochemistry…)

[ puce ]In 3 rd year, in a foreign university for 15 to 18 months to obtain a second diploma (Master).

[ puce ]The first ten months are validated for the A7 3 rd year and give access to the A7 engineer degree, then the rest of the training (in general a research placement) makes the students eligible for a Master of Science from their host university.

[ puce ]In 3 rd year, in a company.

[ puce ]The 3 rd year compulsory industrial placement is then achieved in a company abroad.


Type of mobility chosen by A7 engineer students


How ?

[ puce ]Through exchange programmes : ERASMUS/SOCRATES, CREPUQ, TASSEP, LEONARDO, bilateral agreements

[ puce ]Through a personal application, with registration at the host university ( USA, University of Natal in Durban or University of Cape Town)


Where ?

[ puce ]Chiefly in English-speaking countries : UK, USA, Australia, South Africa…or in countries offering courses taught in English ( Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands)

[ puce ]In German or Spanish-speaking countries… (Germany, Spain, Italy…)

[ puce ]In French-speaking countries (Canada-Quebec, Switzerland, Belgium…)

Geographical distribution of 3 rd year engineer students going abroad


How many ?

[ puce ]26% of 3 rd year students went abroad in 2000-01 (for studies or a work placement)

[ puce ]A7 3 rd year students going abroad in 2002-03 

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