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[ sous-titre ] Financial aids


[ puce ]Students are awarded a travel allowance of 50 Euros per month (100 Euros for Scandinavian countries).



[ puce ]Students can receive grants from regional or local authorities. The conditions to fulfil are different, but these grants can generally not be drawn simultaneously.

[ puce ]Since 2000, the Midi-Pyrénées region supports financially only the students who already receive a French state scholarship.



[ puce ]The French Education Ministry sets up each year an invitation to tender in order to enable universities to help their students on scholarship to complete part of their studies abroad.



[ puce ]European programme which consists in financing work placements in firms abroad.



[ puce ]In some American or South African universities, students can apply for « assistantship » positions that will cover their tuition fees and living expenses. Such students would then have to teach some classes (seminars, tutorials…) or do research work.



[ puce ]CIME (AUF) for French-speaking countries ; DAAD for studying in Germany…

[ puce ]But most scholarships (British Council, Lavoisier…) are now reserved especially for qualified students completing postgraduate courses abroad.



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