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The ENSIACET offers in-coming international students many opportunities of entering its engineer courses or other courses (DHET, Special Sections).

You can visit the web site pôle européen


When ?

[ puce ]In 1 st or 2 nd year, for one or two semesters.
Students who have already started training for a qualification can attend some classes as part of a free-choice curriculum.

[ puce ]In 3 rd year, for one or two semesters.
International students in their final year of studies generally choose a 3 rd year option for the first semester, and then, according to their choice and their university, can complete a work placement in industry or in research in one of the school laboratories, as well as a project.

[ puce ]Special Section Process Engineering
Depending on their curriculum, certain students prefer to attend Special Section classes as the groups are small-sized and the teaching more centred on Process Engineering.

[ puce ]Research placement
Many foreign university curriculums include a research placement as part of the 3 rd year for 3, 6 or 10 months. The students will not attend any theoretical classes but will undertake research in one of the school laboratories, supervised by tutors.

[ puce ]Engineer course
Some international students enter the A7 engineer course through the « concours » (highly selective national examinations) or according to their qualifications. They will therefore follow the same curriculum as French students and are eligible for the A7 engineer degree.

You can download the registration form for international students (PDF).


International students at the A7. Courses chosen (2001-02)


How ?

[ puce ]Through exchange programmes : ERASMUS/SOCRATES, CREPUQ, TASSEP, bilateral agreements

[ puce ]Through the N+1 programme

[ puce ]Through the standard engineer course (admission via « concours » or qualifications)


Programme chosen by international students at the A7 (2001-02).


Where from ?

[ puce ]Mainly Europe

[ puce ]Australia, Brazil, India

[ puce ]French-speaking countries or networks ( Canada-Quebec, Bulgaria, Romania…)

[ puce ]North Africa (engineer course)

Nationality of international students at the ENSIACET (2001-02)



How many ?

For the school year 2001-02, the A7 welcomed 25 international students in the engineer course, i.e. 15% of a class of engineer students.


List of member universities


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